First Aid/Emergency
The Orchard Church is our host church for this Conference. A first aid kit is located in the kitchen. There is a defibrillator pack in the evacuation cupboard under the information desk in the foyer. The emergency point is at the sign on the front fence.

If you observe something unsafe, please ensure the safety of others and report the situation immediately to the Conference Administrator.

Conference Meals
Morning tea is provided but please note there is no lunch or dinner.

Audio/Video Orders
Audio and DVD recordings of the conference sessions will be available. An order form will be available at Conference. These will also be available online approximately one month after conference.

Cell phones
To avoid unnecessary distractions, please turn all cell phones off during the conference sessions.

Name Badges
At registration you will receive a name badge. We would ask that you wear your badge throughout the Conference as to gives access to sessions and meals.


Please contact us on if you suffer from a severe illness, medical conditions, are very pregnant or require mobility access. We will assist wherever possible.



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