Friday 24 & Saturday 25 June

Gather at your own Church

Fake news, misinformation, spin—this is the currency of our day.
Tragically, many people have no clue what is true anymore. Yet Paul tells Timothy: “as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of because. . . you have known the Holy Scriptures…” (2 Tim 3:14-15). In these constantly changing times, that’s where conviction and certainty is to be found—in inspired Scripture, God’s “more sure word” (2 Pet 1:19).

So join us for two wonderful days as we dig in and deepen our biblical and theological convictions from the Word of God.

Registration Fees:

$40.00 per person for Friday & Saturday
This special price is for both attending the physical venue at Te Puke or registering for the live stream.

Registration ends Sunday 19 June 2022 

Friday & Saturday – lectures start at 9.00 am and go through to 12.40 pm.

Morning tea is provided but please note there is no lunch or dinner.

Although we are restricted in where and how we can meet in person, our hope is that, like last year, multiple churches from around New Zealand will continue to keep engaging with Winter Bible School online.

The Orchard Church,
20 MacLaughlin Drive,
Te Puke, Bay of Plenty



Graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and has been in pastoral ministry for 25 years, most recently as the Founding Pastor of Summit Church in East Auckland, which he led for 16 years. Brad now serves on the preaching team of two churches in Auckland, and as a visiting Bible teacher, writer and consultant. 

1 & 2 Kings

For many Christians, the Old Testament is like a large, unexplored continent. There are a few well-known stories that dot the landscape, but in between are vast swathes of stories, poems and oracles that are often left untouched and unknown. The books of 1 & 2 Kings are part of that unexplored territory, covering over 300 years of the nation of Israel’s history. In these sessions, we will walk through the narrative of the Kings, introducing memorable characters, key moments, but most of all a God who is faithful to His covenant promises.


Church planter, pastor, teacher, lecturer & a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently a researcher & writer for Long Story Short.

The Doctrine of the Bible

The Bible! Always under attack in the world…frequently misunderstood in the Church. In this two-part series we try to ask and answer some of the most important questions believers will ever face. Why is the Bible important? What actually is the Bible? What makes it unique? Is the Bible a closed book, or is there more? Can we really understand the Bible? Why do so many different interpretations of the Bible exist? How did we arrive at these 66 books that make up our Bible? What about other books? Do we really need the Bible? In our search for certainty these are the kinds of questions we must ask and try to answer.


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