(Th.M, Ph.D, Dallas Theological Seminary) pastored Burleson Bible Church in Texas for 19 years before transitioning to his current role as Director of GraceLife Ministries full-time in 2005. Served as Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies for LeTourneau University and is a former President of the Free Grace Alliance.

What’s so Amazing about Grace?

Perhaps no book has shaped our religious and theological landscape like the book of Romans. After all, it is a book about what God has done for the world through His good news of grace. Our study will take us from the darkness of sin, to the glories of God’s grace, to how we should respond to His grace. We will learn truths about concepts like justification, sanctification, righteousness, propitiation, redemption, and glorification while also learning how to live according to our new position in Jesus Christ. Studying Romans is a life-changing experience - and that may include you!


A Kiwi, who was on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ, NZ) for 10 years and has been a lead pastor for 19 years in churches in Auckland & Wisconsin, USA. He has a Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary & D.Min from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He currently serves with Long Story Short.

Wisdom Literature Part I  Psalms: Songs of the Saviour & Sinners

The Psalms are the beloved and timeless song-poems of God’s people through the ages. As God’s Word to man and man’s word to God, they give voice to the full range of emotions we experience on our spiritual journey: from despair, sorrow, uncertainty, and anger… to delight, joy, and worship. King David was called the ‘the sweet psalmist of Israel,’ (2 Sam 23:1); intriguingly, some psalms point prophetically to David’s even ‘greater son’. Our study will examine the various psalm genres (lament, thanksgiving, imprecation, etc.), with exposition and application of select psalms, and the prophetic arc towards our Saviour/Messiah/King: Jesus.


Church planter, pastor, teacher, lecturer & a Graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently a Researcher & Writer for Long Story Short.

Bibliology Pt. 2

The Bible! Always under attack in the world… frequently misunderstood in the Church. In the second part of this series we try to ask and answer some of the most important questions believers will ever face. Why is the Bible important? What actually is the Bible? What makes it unique? Is the Bible a closed book, or is there more? Can we really understand the Bible? Why do so many different interpretations of the Bible exist? How did we arrive at these 66 books that make up our Bible? What about other books? Do we really need the Bible? In our search for certainty these are the kinds of questions we must ask and try to answer.



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