Our speakers for 2024 are Darrell Bock, Greg Burgess and Nelson Schonfeldt. Read more about what they'll be teaching on, a bit about them and their background.



Darrell Bock is Executive Director for Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary and the Hendricks Centre.

Topic: Cultural Engagement

The church lacks a theology of Cultural Engagement for the pluralistic world in which we live. This series is designed to prepare you to consider how to function in such a context where Christians have neighbours very different from their own beliefs. Included is a look at the most difficult of these issues on sexuality. So, this series is Six Texts on Cultural Engagement, Difficult Conversations, Dealing with Pluralism, How the Gospels Work, and A Theology of Gender and Sexuality: Conviction and Pastoral Concerns.



Greg and his wife Wendy have been in Christian ministry for 30 years. They have three children and five grandchildren. Greg is currently the Pastor of the Kelmscott Baptist Church in Perth, W.A. He has Pastored three other churches (NZ, NSW and SA) and taught at the Adelaide College of Ministries.

Topic: Wisdom Literature

‘Wisdom’ is not a popular word, but it is an ancient word. In the Bible, wisdom refers to skilful living before God. Crazy to think that living can be described as a skill, but it is. Life is all about a multitude of choices and decisions we make every day, some big, most small. Yet all of them are influenced by the amount of wisdom we have. If we are to live well in this world, we must constantly be gaining and applying wisdom. To that end, WBS 2024 will include a series on the wisdom books of the Old Testament. While the books will be overviewed, the point will be to extract what wisdom we can from them.



Nelson is the Lead Pastor at The Orchard Church. He has a Bachelors of Ministry from Adelaide College of Ministries and is currently studying towards a Masters of Divinity at Grace School of Theology.

Topic: Attributes of God

When the world around us is rapidly changing, we need something to hang on to. Otherwise we may lose our footing and be swept away by the tides of public opinion, personal preference or Instagram theology. Praise God we have something far more stable. Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is an anchor for the soul in an increasingly destabilised world. This Winter Bible School we will look at two deep truths pertaining to God’s attributes. Let God’s word thrill your heart as we consider how great our God is and how secure we are in Him.


Hear from three outstanding speakers and delve deeper into three relevant topics as you engage the world around you, establishing a solid foundation for your faith.




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