We believe in the full (verbal and plenary) inspiration and authority of all 66 books of the Holy Scriptures, as originally given.

We believe in the complete sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures as the basis for the Christian’s life of faith and holiness.

We believe that the Godhead eternally exists in perfect harmony as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that these 3 persons are the one God.

We believe that mankind was created in the image of God, making all human life sacred.

We believe that when Adam sinned spiritual and physical death came into the world.  Mankind now has no natural spiritual life and needs a work of God in order to be saved. 

We believe that God desires the salvation of all people.

We believe that God the Son added a fully human nature (body, soul & will) to his divine nature at the incarnation, lived a perfect life and died a substitutionary death upon the cross for the sins of the world. He rose from the dead three days later, then after a further 40 days he ascended into heaven.

We believe that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

We believe that those who believe in Christ for salvation are given the forgiveness of sins, the indwelling Holy Spirit and life eternal. We believe that at the moment of faith the believer is and remains forever eternally secure in Christ, and that those who refuse to believe will suffer eternal separation from God in hell.

We believe that God will fulfil his promises to the ethnic nation of Israel as per the Abrahamic, Land, Davidic and New Covenants of the Old Testament.

We believe in the pre-tribulational rapture of the church and the pre-millennial return of Christ to the earth to establish His Kingdom.


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