In addition to Winter Bible School’s event in June, we are proud to announce The Bible Coalition Intensive, a brand new seminar running for five days after Winter Bible School.

The dates for this will be 24th to the 28th June (Monday to Friday) at The Orchard Church, Te Puke. 

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The Intensive is designed for people that are serious about learning from the Bible and passionate about the local church or ministry, no matter what role they are currently in. 

Our aim with the Intensive is to provide in-depth, high quality teaching in a smaller setting. This allows for greater interaction around questions so that participants get more out of each session.

With this aim, spaces for the Intensive will be limited to just 25 people. If you're interested, an application is required. Use this form and message 'Intensive' to receive an application to fill out.


Quality in-depth sessions and content, taught by four highly sought-after local and international speakers.

Key Information

With two separate events being run over June, here's an overview of the Bible Coalition Intensive's key information, and its differences compared to the 'Truth Matters' event.

If you have further questions feel free to reach out!


The Bible Coalition Intensive will run for five days after 'Truth Matters' from Monday the 24th till Friday the 28th of June. 


The cost will be $250 pp.

Class limits

In order to provide engaging teaching and quality content, we are limiting this year's Intensive to just 25 people.

Food and Accommodation

While morning tea will be provided each day, all other food (lunch and dinner) and accommodation will need to be self-arranged.

Key differences to 'Truth Matters'

This Intensive is personal and a more focused version of Winter Bible School with greater in-depth learning of the topics at hand - all of which are different from the "Truth Matters' schedule.

The Intensive is aimed at people passionate about the local church or ministry, and serious about engaging with the subjects offered.

You are welcome to attend both 'Truth Matters' and the Intensive (both at separate costs) or just the Intensive.


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