2024 - Truth Matters

Speakers: Dr Darrell Bock, Greg Burgess and Nelson Schonfeldt 

Topis: Cultural engagement, Wisdom Literature and the attributes of God

2023 - Wisdom from above

Speakers: Graham Blaikie, Dr. Charlie Bing, Geoff Smith 

Topics: Psalms of the saviour and sinner, Grace, Bibliology

2022 - Convinced

Speakers: Brad Carr and Geoff Smith 

Topics: 1st and 2nd Kings and the doctrine of the Bible 

2021 - Illuminate

Speakers: Dr. Michael Svigel, Geoff Smith and Graham Blaikie

Topics: exploring the coming kingdom, 1st and 2nd Samuel and Jesus in 3d

2020 - Church in the wild

Speakers: Dr. jared Alcantara and Geoff Smith 

Topics: Lessons from the wilderness, the coming storm.

2019 - A living faith for now and then

Speakers: Scot Pollok, Greg Burgess and Geoff Smith 

Topics: 1 john, Old testament overview, the rapture explained

2018 - Inform the mind and refresh the soul

Speakers: Dr. David Anderson, Geoff Smith and Greg Burgess 

Topics: The book of James, the book of Matthew and an overview of the Pentateuch 

2017 - Foundations

Speakers: Geoff Smith and Greg Burgess 

Topics: Genesis and the doctrine of salvation


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